The Pragmatic Programmer

A long time ago I read the classic The Pragmatic Programmer which should be required reading, hell - a bible, for any software engineer, any software programmer, anywhere period. I've also now come across (as has half of Slashdot) an article embodying, albeit in a very terse and brief writing, the same ideals and practices as those expressed in the aforementioned text. If you're thinking about being a 'coder' and hoping to make a living by writing software it would be in your best interests to read the Pragmatic Programmer. But if you're short on time you can just read this article and read the book later.

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Libraries for any Occasion

things every program needs or *should* have

Even if only in the initial stages of alpha development every program should begin by being built on a good, well-tested, pre-existing foundation of libraries and facilities. This allows the developer to focus on the reason they're writing the program - what the program is supposed to do. This allows the developer to treat 'robust' program attributes such as logging and internationalization as if they were just another feature of the language (perhaps they should be!). The following is a list of the different 'types' of libraries that all programs, from Perl code to C to Java code should be built upon:

Library for logging

Provides an in-app facility for writing log messages at varying levels (Info, Warn, Err, etc) to a user-configurable facility (stderr, flat file, syslog, etc). depends on Internationalization Library

Library for errors

Documents program-specific errors should include error codes and plain-text error messages. depends on Internationalization Library

Signal Library

Provides capability for objects to throw signals which can be caught and handled by interested surrounding objects without requiring each object to have direct references to the originating object of the signal.

Internationalization Library

Provides the ability to easily adapt a program to a new user language (French, Spanish, Japanese, etc)

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